Glass Type:
Duovent® Acustic offers the adequate combination of Blindex® Laminated glass thickness, polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and an aluminum spacer with perimeter seal.

Blindex® Laminado + Clear Glass
Blindex® Laminado + Tinted Glass
Blindex® Laminado + Low emissivity and solar control glass
Blindex® Laminado + Blindex® Laminated

The range of products from the tinted family is the following: Cristazul®, Filtrasol®, Filtraplus®, Vitrosol®, Tintex® and Tintex Plus®. The products from the low emissivity and solar control family are the following: Reflectasol® and Transluz-e®.


Up to 70% savings in energy use, and provides thermal insulation where it’s used, protecting the building’s interior from the heat.

Duovent® Acustic reduces noise up to 42 decibels, depending on the thickness combination used.

Provides an excellent thermal performance.

A larger difference in thickness between glasses provides more acoustic insulation (the order of the glasses doesn’t affect the insulation quality).

This glazing must be selected when looking for the highest level of acoustic and thermal insulation.


Used in large buildings, hospitals, residences, among others. For any place with the need for an environment, thermal or acoustic control.

Maximum size
using annealed glass
Maximum size
using tempered glass
Minimum Size
2.50 x 3.50m* 2.20 x 3.50m* 30cm x 30cm*


*Sizes indicated represent the machinery capacity and glass restrictions; therefore you must confirm installation feasibility. It is also important to identify the unit’s faces and glass thickness for each pane.


Propiedades Térmicas:

Product Thickness

Solar Transmission
uv light% energy%

Solar Reflectivity
light% energy%

Duovent Acustic Different combinations are available upon request Available upon request.
Varies depending on color.

Thermal Properties

Energy Savings


Design and Decoration

*  Can have safety features when any of the glass panels is submitted to tempering and/or laminating processes.
**Duovent Acustic significantly increased reduction in the qualities of sound transmission due to the use of laminated glass.