Polish, beveled and corners

Finishes on a glass edge are generally applied on pieces used as tabletops, but can also be applied in installations where edges are exposed and can be seen by the users. There are approximately 12 different finishes that can be applied to glass edges. Some of the more frequent are flat polished edge, round or pencil edge, ogee, bull nose and beveled edge.

Glass drilling and routing

Drilling and routing into glass is generally specified for fittings used in a number of installations, in both exterior facades as in interiors. Routing is also performed to adjust the glass to the structure’s gap size. Once the glass has been drilled or routed, it must be submitted to a tempering process. If the glass isn’t tempered it has a higher breakage risk as holes and routing weakens glass resistance.

Etching and anti-slip glass

Glass etching can be performed by different techniques: based on the painted process, the frosted process or by applying a special film. Glass etching can be performed according to the client’s design to better meet creative requirements. In some safety glass applications, such as floors and stairways, we apply an anti-slip treatment to improve performance.