Productos de Valor Agregado en Cristal is part of Vitro’s Vidrio y Cristal company, located in Mexico City and Cancún, Mexico. Its business is to process glass offering safety, decorative and solar control products.

1999: The company was founded and began operations in Mexico with a tempered glass oven and mirror production line. It later added other processes such as its decoration line and Duovent® glass production line. Today, PVA has two tempered glass ovens in Mexico (one of these jumbo), two Duovent®, one laminated glass and two decorative glass production lines.

2002: We participated as glass suppliers for large international architectural projects such as: the Winter Garden’s Atrium renovation in New York, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Torre Mayor in Mexico City, considered the tallest building in Latin America, and the Museo de Oceanografía located in the Arts and Science City in Valencia, Spain.

2003: PVA reaffirmed its presence this year in world prestigious buildings such as the expansion of the Museo Nacional Reina Sofía in Madrid, Spain, the Foro Español Universal de las Culturas, the Financial Center of Banco Santander Central Hispano in Spain, the Arena Monterrey and Galerías Valle Oriente in Monterrey, Mexico.

2005-2007: PVA maintains its presence in iconic architectural projects in Mexico City which include the Parque Delta, Biblioteca José Vasconcelos, Punta de Parque Santa Fé, Parque Lindavista, Centro Comercial Mazarik, Torre Escape, Reforma 222 and Parque Tezonte, among others.

2008: Productos de Valor Agregado en Cristal del Sureste opens its doors in Cancún, and becomes the first glass processing business located in the region with a tempered glass and several glass preparation processes. It also has the first digital glass printing line in Mexico.

Today, Productos de Valor Agregado en Cristal has the state-of-the-art technology to provide the industry’s best practices, and its products comply with the strictest national and international quality regulations. Our processes and work procedures give us the capacity to supply the domestic, North American, Central American and Caribbean markets, while attending to our clients’ needs and preferences.